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Elm City Market is New Haven's number one destination for vegan foods and plant-based eating.  We have many prepared vegan dishes, an extensive line-up of dairy alternatives, and the freshest and most extensive offerings of organic fruits and vegetables in New Haven.  

What is veganism?

People eating a vegan diet avoid all products derived from animals. Vegans, like vegetarians, shun meat, poultry, and fish.  Unlike vegetarians, vegans avoid all foods that are derived from animals, including eggs, milk, cheese, and even honey.

Why eat a vegan diet?

There are many reasons people choose a vegan lifestyle, including:

  • Health: Studies have shown that a vegan diet can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.
  • Environmental Concerns: Eating a plant-based diet consumes fewer resources, and eliminating animal products can reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gases.
  • Animal Welfare: Many vegans steer clear of animal products in protest of animal treatment in industrial agriculture.

Any health concerns for vegan diets?

The biggest challenge in eating a vegan diet is to ensure that you’re getting enough protein. Plant-based sources of protein include peas, beans and lentils; nuts, seeds, soy products like tofu and tempeh, and whole grains. Vitamin B12 can also be tricky to replace from plant sources; though many soy products are fortified with B12, a supplement ensures you’re getting enough. And iron and/or calcium deficiency can also occur; to avoid it be sure to eat plenty of leafy greens, and add a supplement if necessary. Elm City’s Wellness department stocks any supplements you might need to support a plant-based diet.